«Vierzäh Täg hinterem Mond» – Recipes from my Grandmother’s life

The urbanite Meret Buser set herself on the task of saving from oblivion her grandmother’s down-to-earth knowledge of a self-subsistence lifestyle in a disappearing rural environment. In Spring 2014, Meret proposed to her grandmother to record her most important cooking recipes. While collaborating on a cookbook the two women developed a unique relationship regardless of the natural family ties, an aspect that enriched the project with a personal component beyond a simplistic subjectivisation. By spending long stretches of time together the two women developed a deeper interest in each other’s so dissimilar lives. This project bridges the gaps between city dwelling and country life, generational conflicts, emphasizing the very ancient process of knowledge transmission from generation to generation.

The project is interactive and designed to be viewed on an iPad. It was initially showed during Werkschau 2015 in Lucerne and is currently on show in the Weltkulturenmuseum in Frankfurt as a Part of the exhibition Grey is the new Pink.