[Brutalizam vs. Neoklassizisam] Investigating Skopje 2014

Skopje 2014 is a construction project financed by the Macedonian Government with the superficial aim of strengthening the national identity and the recollection of the antique past. Indeed the construction project serves as a tool for money-laundering and therefore also is the base for the in Macedonia widely spread clientelism. During a monthly stay in Skopje, Meret Buser and Sarah Schaub obtained a picture of the situation. They captured their impressions by the use of imagery and text.

The collected material was exhibited originally during 10 days in September 2016 in Parzelle 403 at Unterer Heuberg 21 in Basel, Switzerland, and since then has been exhibited in the Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art as a part of the Exhibition 99 Files.